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Changed: 9,12c9,12
|\| Aspect || 1 |\| Metahuman || (5 AMPs) ||
|\| Domain || 5 |\| Regal || (5 DMPs) ||
|\| Realm || 0 |\|Citizen || (5 RMPs) ||
|\| Spirit || 2 |\| Incandescent Flame || (5 SMPs) ||
|\| Aspect || 1 |\| Metahuman || 5 AMP ||
|\| Domain || 5 |\| Regal || 5 DMP ||
|\| Realm || 0 |\|Citizen || 5 RMP ||
|\| Spirit || 2 |\| Incandescent Flame || 5 SMP ||

Changed: 22c22,24
* 1 extra DMP (This will be moved to a Domain travel power)
* Able to travel to places he's been. (2 CP)
** Leaving: Turns into a statue of ice. The statue of ice splinters unto the ground, and the ice melts into nothingness.
** Coming: Statue of ice crystalizes from the ground. A thin shell of ice splinters off, and the ice melts into nothingess.

Changed: 47,49c49,50
** Description
** Main, Positive, Positive, Negative
** Details
** Anchor of hate. Another Roman, rough and fairly strong. Currently working as a bouncer at a bar in LA, and quite capable at it. Hates the job, has it shoved down his throat as part of an understanding. Dislikes Saanen for forcing him into the spot. However, Saanen regards him as too dumb to be a significant threat. Mainly, they have an understanding; every so often he does a job for Saanen, and Saanen doesn't kill him.
** Egotistical, strong, slow on the uptake, disobedient.



His overall appearance is on the pale side, with little color to his skin. To others, it looks like he might be cold, regardless of whatever the weather may be; it almost seems like there's a perpetual blue tint to his skin. He's a little gaunt, as if his relative height has stolen the weight from the rest of his body. The color has drained out of his hair, leaving it a soft silver. His eyes have gone to an icy blue.


Aspect 1 Metahuman 5 AMP Domain 5 Regal 5 DMP Realm 0 Citizen 5 RMP Spirit 2 Incandescent Flame 5 SMP

Wound Levels

Surface 2 Serious 2 Deadly 1




Code of Dark (Modified)

  1. Humans should destroy themselves, individually.
  2. Humanity should destroy itself, collectively, except for a few toys.
  3. Power justifies itself.



Much of this is still changing, but I thought I should note in particular that these values here will probably still change. I want more variety. 8 The sanctity of his estate 6 Anippe 4 Small villa in Brindisi (once Brundusium). 2 Centurion's sword often kept in the villa.


/Miracles A listing of example miracles. /History A log of events prior to the beginning of the game. /ThoughtRecord A log of thoughts regarding game events. /Accounting Miracle points earned and spent.


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