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** Primary player: Andrés

Name, Appearance, & History

James H Cornus: former politician, power broker, apocalyptic agent.

In appearance, he is best be described as "nondescript". He appears to be in his 60s, conservatively styled and dressed, usually wearing a simple dark blue or gray suit.

His political history is only notable in its lack of notability; it almost seems copied from a Poli Sci textbook. Educated as a lawyer, James rose through the ranks of local and regional government, eventually serving several terms as senator (R) of New Hampshire. He has since publicly retired from politics, although rumors persist that his actual influence has not lessened as a result of his retirement.

Unknown to all but his closest allies, Cornus' motivation is not simple accumulation of power. He is, in fact, a fundamentalist Christian, and firmly believes that the modern era is the prophesied End Times. Furthermore, he views it as his duty to accelerate the apocalyptic process in order to hasten the return of Jesus Christ. He is entirely aware that such an agenda would be viewed with horror by most of the voting populace, and has pursued it clandestinely. Cornus' favored mode of operation is to, in the guise of helping, arrange events such that hidden tensions will cause an eventual collapse.

His Ennobling was largely the result of the above pursuits. Given access to a former resident of the Chancel as payment for information by a customs official, Cornus was convinced that the man had found a backdoor to the Kingdom of God, and convinced him to re-enter the Chancel and guide Cornus through the labyrinth. The resident perished en route, but Cornus survived and eventually found his way into the citadel itself. Once there, he was recognized by Set as well suited for the Power of Secrets.

Cornus firmly believes that Set is actually an apocalyptic angel. Evidence to the contrary, such as the existence of a Power of Evolution, is viewed as a perpetual test of his faith and trap for the unwary.


Aspect 2 Legendary (5 AMPs) Domain 4 Duke (5 DMPs) Realm 1 Radiant (5 RMPs) Spirit 1 Hearthfire (5 SMPs)

Wound Levels

Surface 2 Serious 2 Deadly 2


Doppelganger: Can look like someone the person he's talking to trusts.

Creation of Familiarity: 4 Simple miracle: -1 Local effect only: -1 Limited use: -2 Uncommon: +1 Total cost: 1 character point





Code of the Apocalyptic Dark

  1. Ungodly humans should destroy themselves through their sins.
  2. Unworthy humanity should destroy itself to make way for the return of the savior.
  3. Those the ungodly find ugly are the true believers.


  • James H Cornus, Jr
    • Cornus' son.
    • Sincere, Trusting, Honest, Unintelligent
    • Cornus has been grooming his son for power since he was born. Unfortunately, his less-than-average intelligence has impeded his progress; currently he's a city council member of a small town in New Hampshire. His father's faith, if not the actual tenets of belief, have rubbed off on him, and he firmly believes that he's Doing Good Works and is Destined For Greatness. He is, however, considered something of a laughing matter by other politicians, and he has no real influence beyond that of his father.

  • Martin Rodham
    • Cornus' primary political opponent.
    • Intelligent, Calculating, Insightful, Corrupt
    • Martin parallels Cornus in a number of ways - both rose to senatorship through well-oiled channels, both gather power for their own ends. However, Martin's motivation is more straightforward: he simply enjoys the trappings of influence. He became aware of Cornus' true aims through careful observation and, while he could not expose Cornus directly (he'd be laughed out of office), he invested much of his time in attempting to prevent or undo the chaos Cornus causes. Martin does not do so out of altruism, but rather simply to maintain the status quo and his comfortable place in it. His pursuits, of course, led to growing personal animosity between himself and Cornus. One of Cornus' first acts on being Ennobled was to use that animosity to make him an Anchor; he is now compelled to work, in secret, towards Cornus' ends.
    • Primary player: Andrés


  • 10 The fulfillment of apocalyptic prophecy
  • 6 The sanctity of Secrets
  • 4 Cornus Jr


  • /Miracles, Examples of what Secrets can do with Domain
  • /ThoughtRecord?, A log of thoughts regarding events that took place mostly during game sessions
  • /Accounting, Miracle points earned and spent


  • 1 unspent points

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