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Ma'at is the state of things working properly. It requires a balance between day and night, between life and death, between order and chaos. In the traditional Egyptian pantheon, most of the gods are supporters of order, of stasis, of stability. Set is not. Set is a god of chaos, of change, of foreigners and other extraordinary creatures. He encourages that necessary impetus to change and adapt, to go beyond the bounds of the civilized world. Set is a god of breaking things that need to be broken, so that they can be put back together properly.

Egypt is divided into two parts; the black, fertile soil of the Nile and the red desert beyond that. Set is a god of the desert. He favors desolate places, the color red, and creatures of the desert. Set most often appears as a man with the head of a beast. He has long ears with square tips and a downward curving, flexible snout.





Set at Home


A dark aardvark cultist


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