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Game date: July 17, 2006

So, where was I...I think I was talking about...no...umm...sure! Yeah, that. Sort of wandered into a door last week, ended up in charge of light and things regarding; big responsibilities, and plenty of fun and plenty of stress and I could've sworn I was actually working on something before Set, back in that place...um...that place I was...um...

Met Monuments today. Monuments seems quite friendly, except that he hates Ice, which is perfectly natural. Also met someone who blows stuff up in our name...too bad I don't know why. I tried to talk to the guy, but I think I scared him. Then I think I un-scared him, but then I re-scared him. People don't seem to be able to read my face well.

But yeah, that guy. Some sort of cult of the sun and the sand, or something...spoke of Set, but probably hadn't met Set or he'd be insane. Dunno if it's Set's, or maybe Secrets's doing...haven't seen them in a while. Set doesn't seem likely to directly interfere, given that Set already gave us assignments to do stuff of this ilk. Gotta do some research on nettles, and on framing, and to figure out who would want to frame us. Maybe someone mean, or maybe excrucians...don't really know...don't have a guess...would like to talk to that kid some more, but I don't think he'll be sane once Monuments and Ice are done. Too bad. I should do some internet searches for Pharoah and [that Egyptian word he used for Pharoah] and his cult name...said that's how he found them, maybe I can dig something up there.

Speaking of digging, gotta go get some honeypot ants for Set. Shouldn't be difficult. I'll need a box to keep them in.

Worked with Ice to make a fountain for the chancelfolk. Maybe he's not so bad after all. Or maybe he is, and there's some reason he wants to help them. No clue.

Until then, I'm gonna search for allies that are other nobles. They should be friendly. Hopefully they'll be friendly. Hopefully they'll not think me mad...

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