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Name, Appearance, & History

Albie: Doesn't really remember his last name, but appears to be somewhere between exceedingly noticable and completely nondescript. Hawaiian shirts, pink pleather pants, olive drab outfits, and the modal dress of the context are to be equally expected. Albie is not really sure where he came from, and is not really sure where he's going; light or darkness is everywhere, and darkness is a metpahor for nowhereness, too, so what's the use in thinking about these things? Albie is also ethnicly nondescript, with light-brown skin, hair, and eyes.

As the fifth Noble of Set, Albie comes from the era of the fifth destruction of the Library of Alexandria, which also took place at some unknown point in history without much understanding of what was going on. Though Albie's thoughts on the subject are clouded (YOU try thinking straight when you're thinking about the loss of your own mortality through light AND darkness at the same time!), it appears that Albie had seen something through the cracks in some door, and mysteriously made his way to the card catalogue, got distracted by it, and as the lights went out during the destruction of the library, Albie achieved some sort of enLIGHTenment regarding the nature of his surroundings.

Albie is intrinsicly non-judgmental; seeing things from all angles at once makes judgments blurry, and blurry is OK. Albie is generally OK with things not behaving as they ought, or as they are expected to...it's easy to lose your way in the darkness, and light travels everywhere and back very swiftly.


Aspect 2 Legendary (5 AMPs) Domain: X 4 Duke (4 DMPs) Realm 0 Citizen (3 RMPs) Spirit 2 Incandescent Flame (5 SMPs)

Wound Levels

Surface 2 Serious 2 Deadly 2


Elemental: Can become light or darkness for one fewer MP than it would cost to do so with magic. (One fewer MP because I only have 1 CCP to spend on the gift, not the required 2)


Aspect: Distractable. Extra focus on light and dark makes the "Oooh, shiny!" phenomenon extra disturbing, but Albie is otherwise easily distracted. Affiliation: The Dark...




<i>Mad</b>: Appears to be mad, to both nobles and mortals. He may make sense from time to time, but they will almost always be suspicious.

Code of the Light and the Dark

  1. Humans should burn themselves out, brightly
  2. Humans should dwindle and fade away, unnoticably
  3. The worthy are those who manage both


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  • The night sky (8) The most impressive marriage of light and darkness.
  • The sun (5) Best source of light around.
  • His past (3) His pre-Noble past, which he does not know or remember.
  • His lighthearted demeanor (1) He does quite like being cheery all the time.
  • Fire (1) The original source of non-sun light.
  • The incandescent lightbulb (1) The first human-invented light source.
  • The first lightbulb (1) The very first incandescent lightbulb (note to self: find out if this actually still exists)


  • /Miracles, Examples of what Light can do with Domain
  • /ThoughtRecord, A log of thoughts regarding events that took place mostly during game sessions


  • 0 unspent points

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