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First Impressions

Martin, Power of Evolution

I recently spied a newcomer to the chancel, of unusual appearance. Few make it through the labyrinth these days, even though it has grown weaker. Yet, he does seem to be of the current era. While he might be masked from the Sight, that only makes it more apparent that he is a new follower of Set. I don't believe he's been assigned to my present task. Perhaps he'll find some way to be of use before he dies.

Caepio, Power of Doors

I met Caepio as part of a mission from Set. He is a touch on the chatty side, and he's spent far too long wandering around the library. Yet, he was of some use during the mission. He has a fair grip on how to make his powers useful. I hope he doesn't die too soon, although it would be nice if he didn't speak on as many irrelevant things.

James, Power of Secrets

I met James soon after he had arrived. I was a bit busy at the time, so I didn't pay much attention to him. Not a very noteworthy person.

Albie, Power of Light

I met Albie just before a presentation by Martin. He seems like a somewhat vacant person; poor memory. But, he does seem to know how to get things done, which is quite a change.

6-19 - To Make A Door

I met with Martin and Caepio. Martin is the newcomer, and power of Evolution. If you can call what he has 'power', anyway. Caepio is the power of doors, and is apparently one of the early comers to the Chancel. He's also spent all of his time as a power laying about within the Chancel. A bit of a recluse.

Set gave us a mission to gather some famous bones and jewels to make a door. For whatever reason, he also asked us to make aardvarks ferocious. I don't understand why the last one, and we failed at it. That would have been under Martin's domain if any, and he simply showed how powerless he is within his estate.

We dealt with the jewels first, stealing the British crown jewels. Caepio had a good handle on that, but I helped out a little. Really, though, I should have taken the time to think of a theft slightly less high profile. For the fame end of things, though, once the crown jewels got stuck in my mind I couldn't think of any others. The theft went off, but I suspect we'll regret not figuring something better out.

The bones, at least, we managed with a certain better degree of theft. Frank Lloyd Wright was the first target, which went well. Nobody should have even known we were there. Then Lucy and Oetzi. Caepio took care of Lucy. Meanwhile, Martin and I went for Oetzi.

On my end, it was a simple theft. Walk in, disable the monitoring, grab the body, take it to the Chancel on a boat. Hopefully, no scraps of my power were left behind.

With everything in place, Caepio took care of the door. As for Martin, he ended up doing very little on the whole trip. I wonder why Set even bothered with him.

6-26 - Building a Pyramid

Well, first we finished opening the door. Set had us link it to an Imperator with Threads, Measurement, and Endings. I had hopes for something more, but judging by Evolution, he's still learning the ropes. Evolution chose a human baby as sacrifice for opening the door; a waste of a life that had yet to be given a chance to destroy itself. I took care of the other Imperator's sacrifice, a kitten, in as bloody a way possible as I could. It provided some brief entertainment. James, power of Secrets, showed up to help up with the opening; he didn't do much.

Shortly thereafter, Set slipped and let an Excrucian destroy the Pyramid of Cheops. Rather than dealing with his mistake himself, it naturally became our problem.

We drove down there; I took out the power at Evolution's suggestion. I put up a temporary replacement so that anybody glancing by wouldn't notice something out and out wrong. At that point, most of us started discussing reasonable solutions to the situation. Ignoring this, James went and made the pyramid's entire existence a secret, which put a small kink into the issue. Nevermind the long term problems.

That sent us down the 'destroying the entire site' route. James found some explosives, which we collected. But, after laying out the explosives, we decided the explosion wouldn't be good enough to fool investigators down a reasonable conclusion. So, we started removing the explosives. And it was about at this point that an anchor of Monument's showed up and started demanding to know what was going on, just before I knocked him out to keep him from causing problems and going insane.

Well, I figured out that it was an anchor quickly enough, and woke him up. With his help, I set about creating a pyramid of ice that would be a close enough replacement to the original pyramid that nobody would be able to tell the difference. Caepio brought out Measurements to help make sure everything was reasonably precise. James destroyed the secret he'd created. I performed a nettle rite to attack the Excrucian, to some minor degree of success.

More than anything else, I wish that my first miracle of that degree had been something more impressive. All I've done is to recreate a pyramid that nobody should ever notice was missing in the first place. It's vaguely anticlimactic. Maybe next time I'll get a change to start a new ice age, or turn Europe into a glacier.

Evolution had a few decent suggestions. Nothing too good. Maybe he'll get better. If he dies, though, it wouldn't be too hard to find someone better.

Yet that someone probably isn't this trigger-happy Secrets. Going ahead and performing a major miracle like that without hardly thinking about it. These things should be planned and thoroughly thought out before being done. Then again, he seems to be a Christian of the traditional sort. No doubt you could toss him in a lion pit and he'd decry the lion as a heretic for eating him.

On the upside, I now have a large supply of explosives for the next time I need them. It's hard to tell when I could supply some to aid a facet of humanity in self destruction.

7-10 - Aardvark Invasion

It seems Set is still displeased with the status of aardvarks. Martin has failed to do much at all. He tried to convince Set that aardvarks had changed simply through a presentation. Set turned him into an aardvark. It's worth mentioning that a new power, Albie, joined us. It seems he's the power of light. A little vacant for my tastes, but he seems to know how to get results.

Martin went up to his room as an aardvark. While the other powers discussed how to make up for Martin's incompetence, I went to his room to fetch him. After all, as an aardvark, he's more defenseless than usual. Killing him would be easier, and Set might even make another, more useful, power to replace him.

I ran into a group of angry locals on the way, already intending to kill Martin. Martin's cat beat them, though, so I picked him up and tossed his cat into his room. Maybe I should kill this cat too, actually; it tried hurting me, and it could be the start of a new tradition. But my mind wanders.

I took Martin down into the labyrinth, and tossed him into a group of hungry locals. Much to my disappointment, he survived. On the upside, he figured out something more of his powers in an effort to survive. Maybe I should do this more often.

In the meantime, though, the other powers had started on a plan to enhance the aardvark's image. Albie seems to have chased the ants out of their hills and into a capital of some African country. That left me dragging Martin down there to try to figure out a way to rally the aardvarks into becoming 'saviors' of the town.

To some degree, the effort succeeded. There was media coverage, and James seems to have gotten an important anchor to try to enhance the situation. Martin actually did manage to rally the local aardvark populace to the town. Whether or not Set's happy, though, is quite another question.

If he's not happy, maybe it's time to start tossing Martin into more deathtraps until something useful pops up. Perhaps I could get him to finally improve aardvarks if I get a good trap together. Or, if not, at least he'll be dead and Set can get on about finding a better Evolution.

7-17 - Not My Fault

Well, we cleared out the aardvarks and left town. It seems some aardvarks ended up getting killed by the locals, but you do what you can. We all went back to the chancel, and it seems that Set is at least reasonably happy with the proceedings. However, Martin's still an aardvark.

When I wondered back to the chancel, I figured out something that'd I'd been a tad curious about. When I got to Martin's room the day before, there had been a few corpses in his room. It wasn't too important to me, since I'd been thinking about killing him at the time, but when I saw a few more I started to wonder.

It turns out that he's been going a bit rampant with the traps in the labyrinth. Now, people who are going to die are going to die, but the people in the chancel are serving a purpose. Besides, if they want to die, all they have to do is wander into the more uncommon passages.

Either way, I did a couple things. First, I worked with Albie and we got a small fountain going. Who knows if it'll last, but it did impress the locals with our power. It drains off into the river below. Which really makes me wonder; what keeps that thing from freezing? Oh, well. Probably unimportant.

The other thing I did was to drag Martin along to clean up on the traps. We cleared out the living areas of traps, and I made some markings in ice. Quite convenient, really; now, when I want to start confusing people, all I need to do is put in a little effort and all the markings are gone. I'll probably do that soon. Who knows, maybe I'll also start putting treasures into odd parts of the labyrinth and spread the word, just to see what happens.

Instead of getting the time to do that, Exxon found a pyramid on the bottom of the ocean. Or rather, they think they might have; I need to find a good way to get myself out of this mess. The pyramid's a copy of my pyramid in Egypt. I'm not sure how it was done, but it's been done, and it's apparently now my problem. At least Doors is along for the trip; maybe he'll have a good idea.

And, in trying to figure all this out, Monuments is messing things up again. I had Albie contact him to see if anything is wrong, and they stumble on some Set wannabe trying to send the Sphinx sky high. No human sacrifice; the guy lacks style.

And now Monuments seems to blame us for trying to blow up the Sphinx. Completely irrational; we only tried to blow up a pyramid, and only because it was already gone. He took the sacrifice-to-be with him. Not too much information coming from that direction.

On the upside, I did get some curious items from the area. The dead man talking said that they were supposed to gather our powers; and by ours, I mean us Nobles. Five items to correspond with five powers; it's amazing the ice didn't melt.

In investigating this, I decided to set up an alarm field. In order to aid this, I chipped a Kilroy into my pyramid surface-side. I took the chunks and littered them around the area; anyone comes in with explosives our making all Set-ty, hopefully they'll get close enough to the ice that I'll notice.

The other end of that is that the same arrangement is apparently now underway beneath the ocean. I ended up diving down there, and lo and behold things seemed to mirror it. That's going to be trouble.

So I need to figure out what's up with this pyramid on the bottom, deal with the suicidals trying to annoy us, and make aardvarks fearsome and noble. It's at times like these when I wish I could just start another ice age.

7-31 - $20K Ice Pyramid

I spent some time with Caepio poking around on the bottom of the ocean. I figured out that when I exert my power on the surface, the changes are mirrored on the bottom. Even divining the locations on the surface results in that effect. This seems fairly universal, to the point of destroying large rocks in order to get things properly mirrored again.

The group back in the Chancel were brainstorming meanwhile. James came up with the ingenious idea of trying to turn the whole thing into a secret. I think I managed to get rid of that idea. They suggested blowing up the pyramid. I ignored that one.

This is pretty troublesome. There's the stench of Excrucian miracles around here. I guess there's the option of just wiping the whole area clean and avoiding any miracles here again. I'll probably have to poke around a little more.

Making the flat seabed a little not-so-flat worked. That's something. I did it with my powers, and things didn't completely go odd. Hopefully.

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