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Saanen was born into slavery in the Roman Empire, serving an anonymous family in Brundisium. When Caeser recruited from the area, he took advantage of the chance to gain power and the chance at freedom. He fought in both the loss at Dyrrhachium and the later victory at Pharsalus. When Caeser's armies followed Pompey to Egypt, he marched on Alexandria.

Before Alexandria was torn from the world, Caeser was getting ready to storm the city. The assault started, but went astray as the earth was ripped apart by the power of Set. Part of the armies were involved in other parts of the city further from the tearing. Those on the border line served as sacrifice to fuel the creation of the chancel. For those inside, there was a mixture with some becoming inhabitants, while others simply died in their newly dangerous environs.

Saanen was pulled over near the border, where the chaos was near its worst. Even as the warmth was ripped out from the chancel, it was ripped out of him. Some of the power that was creating the chancel replaced the warmth in his body, giving birth to his powers. He collapsed from the torturous receipt of his new powers, his last sight the burning of Alexandria.


Once, the city of Alexandria was a beautiful and glorious place. When Set tore the library from time, some of that same city came with it. His power washed over the chancel, and the library became only more glorious. The scholars who lived within the library flourished, and life within the main palace only got better.

However, many streets and homes wore torn out alongside the library. Even as the library rose into the sky, the rest of the city descended into the earth. As Set focused his power on the palace, the backwash twisted the streets into a labyrinth. As he improved life for the scholars, the labyrinth received traps and rippled with temporal aftershocks. As Set still shaped the chancel, the labyrinth continually shifted.

It was in this deadly environment that Saanen woke up. Having just had his soul torn asunder for reasons he did not yet understand, he then was forced to navigate the dangers of the dark in an effort to survive. With time not flowing normally, the months he spent there were quite meaningless from a more objective point of view.

Wandering through the labyrinth, Saanen did meet several fellow escapees. Against the predators that the labyrinth held, they decided to form a small band. In the lead was Succendus, one of Pompey's captains. Although that did not sit well with Saanen, he let it be, believing that the differences between them were no longer as important in the face of the unknown.

However, also within this small band was Anippe, a native to Alexandria. During the band's wanderings within the labyrinth Saanen grew close to her. While some of the band he was happy enough to let die, he felt it part of his duty to protect her. And, in this belief, he swore an oath to protect her to the extent of his power.

Succendus was hardly happy with the relationship forming between Anippe and Saanen. He started to give Saanen more dangerous duties and fewer rewards for a job well done. Succendus, in the meanwhile, started to use the times he had sent Saanen away to try to convince Anippe to join him in his tent. For a while, the tensions built.

Finally, Succendus made a move on Anippe while he believed Saanen was far away. Saanen returned even as Succendus pulled Anippe to his tent. Without thinking, he froze Succendus' legs and pulled Anippe away. However, he let his guard down in doing this, and Succendus stabbed him in the chest with his sword. Coughing up blood, Saanen spat into Succendus face and collapsed onto the ground.

Laying there and bleeding, Saanen slowly became aware of several things. First, that the sword wound didn't hurt nearly as much as he'd expected, based upon how many soldiers he'd seen die of similar. Second, that he could now feel Succendus as a presence at the back of his mind. Third, that Anippe was kissing him, and that she was now also a presence at the back of his mind.

Yet, he didn't have too much time to process all of this before Set interrupted. Whereas before the ripple's of Set's power had masked Saanen's existence, the creation of ice had warranted notice. As Set could hardly be expected to go to the site of the disruption, he simply summoned Saanen to him, within the chancel.

Saanen then underwent a simple, uncomfortable interrogation. Set found out what he was interested in; who Saanen was, how he had gained his powers, and what these were. Since Saanen himself wasn't too clear on most of these matters, Set naturally found out the hard, painful way.

The answers that Set found within Saanen must have been sufficient, for he made Saanen swear an oath of fealty. Upon this, Saanen was given the knowledge of what he was. Rather than wasting his time upon the new Noble, Set cast him aside to do as he would for a time.

Saanen took this chance to bring up the remnants of his band from the labyrinth. For most of them, he set up simple arrangements within the palace. He made sure that there were some better accomodations made for Anippe. Then he left for the mortal Earth with Succendus, not trusting the man to be left behind.

Modern Times

With Succendus in tow, he explored the modern Earth, slowly learning of the dangers in this unknown place. Several times Succendus got attacked or mugged, teaching Saanen much about modern behavior. Eventually, he left Succendus healing of various minor wounds as a lowly security guard in LA. From there, he continued on alone.

In his wanderings, Saanen trained himself in the use of his power. Following the laws of Entropy, he did this in places sheltered from the crowds of humanity. He learned how to hold the reigns of his estate and make it march at his orders. Yet, as he mastered his powers of ice, he became colder in his actions.

Towards the end of his travels, he wandered back to Brindisi, the place of his birth and enslavement. He purchased the lands that had once been the property of his master. Upon these lands he erected a small estate where once he had served. He gathered for personal display a few Roman artifacts to remind him of his past, including his sword which had served him faithfully since he had left slavery. Leaving a small trust fund to pay for the property's maintenance, he returned once more to the chancel.

He took Anippe from the chancel, for she had long wished to leave the destroyed city. For some time, he introduced her in person to the changed world, where once he could only have described it in his thoughts. Once again his travels came to an end, this time at the call of Set. He left Anippe at his lands in Brindisi, with enough money to travel as she might.

Called into Set's active service, he has been performing various tasks for a few years now. He is quite content watching Succendus being ground down at his job, or occasionally calling upon his enemy to get beaten up while helping complete his tasks. When he finds the opportunity, he sometimes visits Anippe. Other times, he wanders across frozen landscapes, pondering the time and distance he has covered.


One of the things Saanen discovered during his wanderings was that it's hard to get by without money. He covered the beginnings of his travels by selling a few items he'd found in the Chancel as pieces of art. However, in spite of their ancient stylings, they made poor money due to their lack of aging.

This led him to search for older artifacts. Given his afinity with ice, he started by searching in glaciers and the icy depths of the ocean. As his affinity with his domain increased, so did his ability to find artifacts. He can now easily find ancient artifacts that have found their way into his domain.

To salvage the items, Saanen's generally remiss to use his powers. Instead, he has an alternate identity he's put together; Samuel Nealson. This identity comes with the basic trappings of a passport and a Finnish citizenship. In the beginning, he used the identity to hire a few people to aid him in the recovery of the artifacts. To allay suspicions, he would always start out with some wild hunting before 'stumbling' upon his goal. To hide his unusual luck, he avoided plucking from the same area or reusing team members.

He now has a fair amount of money invested in various pursuits, as well as a significant reserve of spending cash. While he still goes out on searches upon occasion, he's learned enough of rare artifacts that he can now focus on more expensive items to make the searches few and far between.

While his efforts have given Saanen of financial affluence, he's tried to stay mostly low key in his efforts. Outside of the few people he's directly worked with, he doesn't take an active enough part in the archaelogical community for his name to be well known. If anything, his name is associated with a single lucky dig. Beyond that, though, most people who knew him believe he's largely quit the business after a couple successes.

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