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Note that Martin strongly disagrees with the use of any of the miracles above level 1.

0. Estate-Driven Divinations.
Knows about births, deaths, and the mutations that form the basis of evolution, as they happen.
1. Ghost Miracles.
Can make it appear that he invoked any of the miracles below.
2. Lesser Divination.
Learn about a being's ancestors (touch).
3. Lesser Preservation.
Prevent a being from being saved if it would otherwise die.
4. Lesser Creation.
Make a being be the descendant of another.
5. Lesser Destruction.
Prevent a being from dying if it would die otherwise.
5. Greater Divination.
Can find out about any births and deaths.
6. Lesser Change.
Can change a species' development (touch).
6. Greater Preservation.
Make someone immortal.
7. Greater Creation.
Create a new species (at some point in time).
8. Greater Destruction.
Destroy a being (at some point in time) and all of its descendants.
9. Greater Change.
Can change a species' development arbitrarily (at some point in time).

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