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Professor Martin Eritus was a professor of Philosophy at a small university. He was on a field trip with the Archeology department, visiting the ancient site of the library of Alexandria in Egypt, when, through some fluke incident involving the manipulations to the World that the creation of the Chancel required, he ended up in the Chancel's maze shortly after its creation. He survived several near-fatal accidents in the maze and eventually found himself in the library, where the Imperator, tired of looking through resumes for Nobles, and moderately impressed at Martin's survival instinct, made Martin into the Power of Evolution and then went off to have a coffee.

Martin took his new job to heart, and immediately set about installing more traps in the Chancel's underground entrance maze, much to the consternation of the city's inhabitants, who now hate him.

Martin has a black cat known as Leopold as a pet. Leopold usually travels with Martin.

Martin is in love with a girl called Marria. This tragic love is unrequited.


Martin serves evolution, he does not control it -- he believes that Evolution should take care of itself.

His mission is to ensure all things that reproduce improve over subsequent generations; beings that do not deserve to reproduce should die without reproducing.


Aspect 1 Metahuman (1 of 5 AMPs) Domain: Evolution 0 Pawn (5 of 5 DMPs) Realm 2 Realm's Heart (5 of 5 RMPs) Spirit 5 Inferno (5 of 5 SMPs)

Wound Levels

Surface: 2 Serious: 2 Deadly: 1




  • Hated by the Chancel populous because of all the traps in the maze.
  • Cannot destroy non-magical, non-spiritual things that cannot reproduce (i.e., can only destroy things that can reproduce, are magical, or are spiritual).



Code of Dark

  1. Humans should destroy themselves individually.
  2. Humanity should destroy itself, collectively, except for the improved humanity.
  3. Survival shows that one is worthy.


  • Leopold (4)
  • Marria (4)
  • Sanctity of the Estate (4)
  • Other things as yet unspecified (8)


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