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Name, Appearance, & History

Caepio was a citizen of Roman Spain in the 4th century AD, and a general trouble-maker without much respect for laws, authority, or propriety. One of the few holdouts among urban folk, he still paid heed to pagan gods, specifically adopting Mercury as his patron. Finding life in one place too dull, and lacking in other means to finance adventure, he joined the Roman Legions, which took him around much of the Mediterranean.

He happened to be in Alexandria when the Archbishop Theophilius attempted to carry out an imperial order banning the worship of non-Christian gods, and the ensuing mayhem lead to one of the destructions of the temporal Library of Alexandrai. During the chaos, he found a rather well-locked door leading into the depths of the library, and his practiced techniques made short work of the lock, leading him into a maze of tunnels that must surely guard something valuable. That something valuable turned out to be the god Set, who decided that anyone simultaneously clever and stupid enough to break into a Chancel during its formation unscathed definitely deserved to be made a Power of some Estate, and Doors seemed as good an aspect of himself as any.

Now being on the level of a god himself, Caepio has dropped all sorts of worship, as other gods are just beings to deal with, but sees little reason not to emulate his former patron of journeys and troublemakers.

Caepio combines a casual arrogance with the skill to usually back it up and a level of charm that's just a bit too slick to come off as genuinely likable. Even when mortal he was fit and attractive, but his ascension has made him an example of physical perfection on par with the deities of old myth, though his black hair stands in contrast to their usually depicted blondness. Neither tall nor short, large nor small, his features are surprisingly close to those of many people, yet subtly more refined, save for his distinctive golden irises. He chooses to frame his face with a neatly trimmed black beard.

Due to the funny way time twists around in the history of the Chancel, Caepio has been around a while as a Power, but he hasn't really had time to interact with the real world. Aside from observing things outside occasionally as they whipped past in a rather nonlinear fashion, he did take the time to read up on all sorts of things in the various books to be found within, thereby preventing any real culture shock with respect to the modern world.


Aspect 2 Legendary (5 AMPs) Domain: Doors 3 Marquis (5 DMPs) Realm 2 Realm's Heart (5 RMPs) Spirit 1 Hearthfire (5 SMPs)

Wound Levels

Surface 2 Serious 2 Deadly 2


Perfect Timing (2 points)
If I can conceivably arrive at some place at the right time, I do.


Some version of Blatant where if I don't have a key on me, my Domain miracles are obvious? Taking a magic keyring as a magical item is neatish, but I can't think of anything to do with it other than make it a Focus, which I find uninteresting.



Caepio is incredibly curious about hidden places. No force can permanently keep Caepio out of some location he wants to see, only delay him.

The Code of Doors

  1. Humans should be willing to destroy themselves.
  2. Humanity must destroy itself to achieve greatness, save those locked away as memories of the past.
  3. Opening a door shows that one is worthy to access what lies beyond.

or maybe

  1. Humanity must risk destruction to make progress.
  2. The past should only be preserved for instructional value.
  3. Opening a door shows that one is worthy to access what lies beyond.


  • Danny
    • Incompetent aardvark cultist from Cincinnati
    • Main, Positive, Positive, Negative
    • Got into freaky religious stuff online. Wound up trying to blow up the Sphinx.
  • Name
    • Description
    • Main, Positive, Positive, Negative
    • Details


  • 6 ?
  • 10 Progress, Caepio feels it is very important that individual humans and humanity as a whole must have a pathway open by which they can progress, and that they do so by braving the risks. Denying people opportunity and not taking opportunities both piss him.
  • 2 Cube, a movie about people stuck all in an array of deadly traps that move, and the key to safety is inscribed on the doors leading between the comparts. All but one die due to the stupidity of themselves or their companions.
  • 2 Onions, He still has a fondness for them.


  • /Miracles, Examples of what Doors can do with Domain
  • /Moments?, Events of interest that took place mostly not during game sessions
  • /Musings, Random writings on the nature of Doors
  • /ThoughtRecord, A log of thoughts regarding events that took place mostly during game sessions
  • /Statue?, My representation in the Realm's Heart
  • /Accounting, Miracle points earned and spent


  • 1 point spent to get Perfect Timing
  • 0 unspent points

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