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Doctor Figaro Rossini. Clever, great cook, and fluent in a multitude of languages. Unfortunately, has the attention span of a goldfish. An old philosopher, native of Southern Europe, but currently based in South America. Mutually hated by Martin due to professional disagreements. Married. Devoted to his work and his wife. Vegetarian.

June 26th

Martin took over my body today and made me watch the news while I was the in middle of a study period. I looked like an idiot, half way through teaching about-- well it's not important but anyway I was half way through teaching the kids this and suddenly I jerk over to the TV and flip through all the news channels, then turn the TV off and tripped over and hurt myself. Somewhat hard to explain to the kids, who up to today liked me pretty well.

It happened again around 5pm. Gah! How annoying!

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