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This page contains a fast set of links to the PCs' Anchors, and notes on who is the primary player for each Anchor.

  1. Players get to run Anchors in scenes where their Noble isn't present, so that everyone gets some substantial chance to roleplay even if their main PC is off-stage busily creating life on Europa.
  2. You can't play your own PC's Anchors, because that makes dialogue between the Anchor and his or her Noble harder to see, and that's basically the most important relationship they have.
  3. Anchors are "sticky". This means that whenever possible the same person plays the same anchor, in order to promote consistency of characterization.
  4. Rule 1 trumps Rule 2. That is, if it gets another player into a scene, then it's okay to hand off the rp for an Anchor to someone who isn't the regular player for that Anchor.

Naturally, you are all encouraged to come up with Thought-Records and/or journal entries for Anchors you play, just like for your main PC. Remember, the other players can use this stuff whenever they play that Anchor.

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